The current article is based on personal experience of working with 2 different tools that oracle offer to develop responsive design front-end application. This is mainly aimed to those consultants who are experienced in ADF/JSF/Java and are thinking or evaluating a technology shift to VBCS/Oracle Jet. It is based on similarities and differences on any of them highlighting the pros and cons of each one. It is worthy to mention that I am an experienced IT consultant with a lot of background knowledge on front-end development among other areas and my speciality is with JSF and ADF frameworks. These frameworks are based and implemented through java code, however I have background knowledge i

When to use SOA CS vs OIC?

Recently we dive in a complete migration cloud project, of all cloud integration SAAS including a bus migration services from version 11g (on premises of course) to SOA CS in a hybrid architecture. It is worthy to mentioned to all newbie cloud integration consultants that when we have the SOA CS PAAS we already count with all integration paas So the first question or doubt that comes into the clients mind is when I have to use the OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud) and when It is best to use the SOA CS (SOA Cloud Service). Note : I suppose you are an IT consultant with previous knowledge of Oracle SOA implementation. Advantages (OIC vs SOA CS). OIC (Oracle integration cloud). 1. Easier to use

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